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As current legislation requires ALL employers and the self-employed to demonstrate due diligence regarding the safety of all portable electrical equipment in use within their company,
can carry out this requirement on your behalf for the economical rate of just
£1 per appliance


As we like to support local charities we
also offer special rates to all registered charities and local community-based projects.

For a quotation or to book one of our engineers to come and test your appliances, please contact:


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Questions and Answers

"Except where otherwise provided in the regulations, it shall be the duty of
every employer and the self-employed to comply with the provisions
of these regulations in so far as they relate to matters which are within their control"

The HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 states that:
"all employers are responsible for the safety and health of their employees and also the public"

What is PAT testing?
PAT testing (or Portable Appliance Testing) is the inspection & testing of all
portable electrical appliances in use within your working environment,
measuring the levels of insulation and earth leakage of each appliance to ensure electrical safety
I have less than 5 employees and therefore do not need a
written H&S policy document, does this still apply to me?
Do I get a certificate on completion?
APT provides you with a comprehensive table comprising a list of your appliances,
each individual test result and any observations and can also provide a test certificate if required
Why should I have it done to my appliances/equipment?
As stated in the ELECTRICITY AT WORK REGULATIONS 1989 and the
HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974, it is your responsibility to
prove that you have shown due diligence in the safe use of electrical
appliances in use on your premises
What if I choose NOT to have them tested?
It is a legal requirement that you can prove that you have shown due diligence
in the safe use of electrical appliances at your premises and the best way to
do this is to employ the services of a qualified and experienced external specialist
pat-testingcompany, who can provide you with a certificate and detailed report
Can I do it myself, I am a good DIY person?
You would need to be deemed a legally competent person and have the qualifications
and experience to understand the current legislation and requirements
and to have the equipment to provide legally acceptable testing & results
How much does it cost? 
Per item or on a per-appliance cost basis?
We charge a basic price of    £1.00  per appliance,
so long as we have reasonable access to the appliance. 
Appliances which are inaccessible will not be tested and their status
will be noted on your report. 
Can my electrician do PAT testing for me?
Yes as long as he has the necessary equipment and qualifications
How long does each appliance take to test?
That depends on the accessibility and location of and what class each appliance is? 
We charge on a per item basis not an hourly rate
Do I have to have heavy machinery tested?
PAT testing is PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING and covers all appliances that have a plug on them. 
It does not cover 'hard-wired' appliances or those connected to a fused-spur but does cover static machinery if it has a plug on it
Do I have to send my appliances away to be tested?
Not for PAT testing purposes
What if my appliance(s) fail(s)?
If the appliance fails due to the plug being non-regulation or the plug is fitted with the wrong fuse,
our engineers carry regulation-standard plugs and fuses and will carry out the necessary work at the time of testing,
for a nominal charge. 
If the appliance fails to reach the necessary legal safety standards,
then our engineers will stick a failed - do not use sticker to the
appliance and advise you of the most appropriate course of action
Does PAT testing cover the hard-wiring of the building?
How frequently do I need to have my appliances tested?
That depends on your trade, the location of and use of the appliances and the environment of your premises. 
Each customer’s needs would be assessed by our engineers at the time of initial testing
but generally-speaking if you’re a shop or busy office (particularly if members of the public enter your office space),
then annually is required but if you have a number of hand-held tools
in use then you’re looking at 6-monthly intervals,
whereas a quiet office should be tested bi-annually

I contacted APT Services & Solutions and was pleased that they responded very quickly as I needed to get my appliances PAT tested in accordance with my licence requirements. Their engineers were prompt, efficient and polite and they explained the procedure to me as I didn't really understand what PAT testing was and why it was necessary to my licence, only that I needed to have it done. The report came through within 7 days and detailed everything. To save me the worry of remembering to get it done next year, APT have said they will contact me nearer the time to arrange a re-test. (One thing less to remember)


I contacted APT and they responded efficiently to my request to get my appliances tested at short notice (as I had inadvertently let the matter lapse and my insurance company was chasing my certification). Their engineers turned up on time and didn't make any fuss about the slight inaccessibility of some appliances. A 'friend' did it last time and luckily APT discovered some dodgy plugs which they replaced without any fuss. I would definitely recommend them in the future.